Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Is reconsideration a dirty word?

This may come as a surprise to some, but having returned to Jane Tanner's statements/rogatory and cross referencing I can find no apparent discrepancies regards the man she says she saw 'striding purposefully' across the road.

What I did notice in her rogatory (10 April 2008) is that she was able to explain herself better considering she was speaking with a British police officer. This is not to suggest that the previous translation are incorrect, only that she appears to have found it difficult to make herself understood.

There is a possibility that Jane Tanner has been misunderstood, called a liar, simply because the mainstream media gave misleading reports in the early days – child wrapped in a blanket in one article and then barefooted in another; man walking in one direction then walking in another. In fact,  reading through her statements, Jane Tanner has always maintained that the child is barefooted and that the man she claims to have seen was striding 'purposefully' across the road was always heading in the same direction.

Personally I believe that she may very well have seen someone crossing the road but I don't believe he was the supposed abductor. There's a possibility that when the alarm was raised the memory of the man 'striding purposefully' across the road came to mind and perhaps she envisioned a pinky hue to the pyjamas. While talking with the British police officer who was interviewing her she admits that “I thought I saw pink pyjamas and I thought I could see colours, but I don't know, it was fairly orange so I don't know. With a turn-up.

What I found strange is the conflicting testimonies between Gerry McCann, Jez Wilkins and Jane Tanner regards who was standing where at the time that Jane Tanner passed the two men as they chatted in the street. Although Jez Wilkins didn't see Jane Tanner his memory of where he was standing concurs with her positioning of the two men, therefore, the sighting could not have been concocted by Gerry McCann, but it does beg the question why he disagrees with both of them and is adamant that it's Jane Tanner who has the positioning wrong, so much so that he discounts her positioning during the 'reconstruction' filming (and, in essence, that of Jez Wilkins too).

So why didn't Jez Wilkins see Jane Tanner and why didn't Jane Tanner say anything as she passed? Mr Morsal and me chatted about this and although only from a personal perspective it seems quite plausible that if someone is unknown to us (in this case Jez Wilkins) who is chatting with someone we do know then we would simply pass by – it would be rude to interrupt. If the person we knew looked in our direction then we'd say hello. So, according to both  Jane Tanner and Jez Wilkins positioning, Gerry McCann would have had his back to Jane as she passed. As Jane Tanner didn't know Jez Wilkins then the likelihood of her saying anything is zero. Why didn't Jez Wilkins see Jane Tanner passing? That, I admit, is a tough one and only guess work because I wasn't there, but to give an example...we are regulars at a particular supermarket and chatty with some of the checkout women there, one of which (later told us) saw us in MK City Centre but didn't say hello because we were discussing something. I didn't see her. Same thing? I think so.

All in all, I feel Jane Tanner has been misunderstood and that she did perhaps see someone that evening, albeit not an abductor.

It's not wrong to be mistaken but it is wrong not to correct it once you realise!

Regards the following chart please note:

1. There appears to be no mention of certain details in Jane Tanner's 10 May 2007 rogatory. This might be because she had “maintained the honesty of her initial version” and therefore no need to repeat every detail in this particular statement.

2. In the last column there's various descriptive details, this is because it's a transcript of a recorded interview and the descriptions have been taken from several areas throughout the transcript where Jane Tanner has offered details voluntarily, been prompted by DC Ferguson (the interviewing police officer) or Jane Tanner has corrected DC Ferguson on reading her statement back to her. Any corrections made by Jane Tanner are in brackets.

4 may 2007 statement
10 May 2007 statement
8 April 2008 rogatory