Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sandy Hook: The missing triage area

Mystery of the 'bundles' has now been solved!

Many thanks to Anonymous who left a HD helicopter video and an explanation in the comment section where he/she has kindly solved the ‘bundle’ mystery – as Anonymous has rightly pointed out, the ‘bundles’ are nothing more than white folding chairs:

Anonymous pointed out that Gene Rosen can be seen perfectly at 1:19 through to 1:35 and again at 8:15 - 8:48, while the 'shooters' car is already roped off at 4:37 - 4:44:

Screenshots taken from the above video showing the white chairs: 

The rest of this article is no longer applicable. However, I'm leaving it here as an example of how the imagination can sometimes fill in the gaps when there is lack of clear information.

According to First Responders “immediately began setting up a first triage centre for major injuries and a second triage area for the walking wounded” (Sandy Hook Fire Chief Bill Halstead)

...And from ABC News: "We set up a triage area right by our rescue truck for major injuries and we set up a second triage here at the firehouse for the walking wounded," Halstead said.

So, besides the caption beneath the following photo, we know from the above statements that there were two triage areas set up – one at the school and one at the Fire Station. Try as I might, I can’t see any triage area at the fire station in the (official) photo below:

Caption:This aerial photo shows a triage area set up at the Sandy Hook fire station in Newton, Conn., near where authorities say a gunman opened fire inside an elementary school.

The problem for me is that the only place I can see a triage area at the fire station is an aerial video filmed by ABC News where there appears to be bundles laid on the red groundsheets:

Zoomed out to show the Fire Station:

The following Google map screenshot shows the distance between the school and the fire station. The red circle denotes roughly where the triage area is located. Note there is only one route from the school:

If the bundles are indeed victims of the shooting then this doesn’t make sense, at least not to me. To transport that many bodies between the two buildings would surely mean several trips via the ambulance service or other transportation, yet there doesn’t seem to be any eye-witness reports to verify this.

Besides, the unharmed children were told by a policeman to run out of the building [and] go to the Fire Department. My first thought was that surely the bodies of the victims would be in full view of the children as they headed towards the fire station, but on closer inspection, the line of vehicles may have obscured the scene from the road.

If this is no more than a bundle of pillows or other items in preparation of receiving the ‘walking wounded’ then why has it been cut from the official photos of the Fire station triage area? Why are there no clearer photos showing the ground sheets? Why has that area been completely erased from public viewing? Considering ABC shot the footage then they must surely know of its existence.

But back to the analysis...

...Notice the line of cars to the bottom right of the official photograph:

Now look at the line of cars on the screenshot of the triage area:

As the fire truck has moved we can safely assume the aerial video and the official photo were taken at different times, but the line of cars match, indicating they were most likely taken on the same day.

The sequence of screenshots taken from the video leads the viewer to the other triage area at Sandy Hook Elementary School, meaning that the Fire Station triage area was not a drill filmed on a previous date:

The following photo taken from a different source:

Why would the official version omit the bundles from the scene? If those bundles are the bodies of the victims then how did they move them to the fire station without anyone seeing a stream of ambulances running between the two buildings and just as importantly...when did they remove the bodies from the school?

According to CBS News, Police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance confirmed that:
“... the families of the victims have been notified, and that the victims' bodies were removed from the school overnight.”
Overnight?  That just seems convenient. No eye-witnesses present to verify this report.

No wonder conspiracy theories are swimming around the internet when simple information such as the triage area is being withheld. Given the apparent ‘secrecy’ surrounding the Fire Station triage area anyone could be forgiven for thinking that it was originally intended to appear as the victims only to change ‘plans’ later and erase all evidence.

Perhaps an easier theory to digest is that it was too distressing to show the footage of the victims, but then that still doesn’t explain why Lt. Paul Vance stated that the victims were removed from the school overnight.

And if those aerial shots do not show the victims laid on groundsheets then there doesn't seem to be any reason to cut the footage.

It doesn’t matter which way I look at this, it simply does not make sense.

Memory Hole Blog has compiled a timeline of the Sandy Hook massacre.

To add to the confusion there does appear to be a couple of photographs of a body being removed from the school at night:

Original source: NY Daily News
The caption beneath the photos reads: “A victim killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School being transported after shooting rampage.”

Original Source: NY Daily News
The caption beneath this photos reads: “One of the victims in Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting being transported as law enforcement officials process the crime scene.

If these two photos show the removal of an adult victim (rather than the supposed 'lone shooter') then surely there must be photos of other victims if they were also removed during the evening? Why then, were these particular ones released for public consumption?

One other thing...I understand forensics and FBI being present, but I’m stumped regards the man dressed from head to toe in black (left of the photo). Who is he and what is his occupation?

The video footage of the Fire Station triage area, mentioned at the beginning of this article, can be viewed in its entirety ... starting at approx. 6:44

(Please note: At the beginning of the video there is a theory that Crisis Actors were possibly used – although the apparent ‘evidence’ seems compelling, I personally do not subscribe to that idea, at least not at the moment. However, I do agree with the creator of this video that the footage (approx. 7.42) of the Medical Examiner is deeply disturbing, not only his reactions but also his words “you can control the situation depending on your photographer...and I have very good photographers.” Odd comment to make to say the least.):