Sunday, 13 January 2013

Emilie Parker still alive after Sandy Hook shooting – Not true!

I have to admit there does appear to be some contradictions and inconsistencies with the Sandy Hook shooting, but one thing I am certain of is that Emilie Parker was not photographed with Obama.

The members of Metabunk forum have outlined this fact and offered their findings with indisputable evidence. The children with Obama are Emilie’s sisters Samantha and Madeline – I hope Metabunk doesn’t mind my using their photos to illustrate:

The following photo enables us to gauge the sister’s heights. It’s plain to see that Emily is taller than her two younger siblings while Samantha and Madeleine are of similar height. Also note Madeline’s smile.

Now look at the sisters with Obama – notice the similar heights between the two girls and the distinct smile:

 Close up:

Emilie was photographed in the red dress in 2010 (age: 4) – it stands to reason that two years later Madeline will be of similar age/height. The girl with Obama is Madeline wearing her sister’s dress.