Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Broken Glass at the Front of Sandy Hook School

Screenshot taken from the video:

Footage of the broken glass begins at approx. 0.50:

Friday, 18 January 2013

Sandy Hook: Plants and Provocateurs

Most of the early reports from mainstream media were grasping at any information they could grab and then relayed to the public ‘as it happens’ regardless of whether or not the information was factually correct. This has undoubtedly played a huge part in the apparent inconsistencies surrounding the Sandy Hook massacre.

Naturally the reluctance to offer any visual or substantive evidence has also added to the theory that something is amiss. Let’s face it, in the past when a crime has been committed the mainstream media has been keen to offer photos of bloody footprint trails or blood splattered walls or even the murder weapon in situ or bullet holes...which would of course be distasteful in the Sandy Hook instance, but refusing (or unable) to release any CCTV footage of the supposed ‘lone shooter’ entering the school or even photos of broken windows is bound to have keyboards rattling as people attempt to make sense of the whole thing.

I know because having followed the McCann case for several years and watched closely as the events unfold it is clear that much of the wild speculation and confusing reports have been generated by the very lack of information. So many people can see that something is wrong but almost nobody can get a handle on it.

And I think if somebody had a desire to mislead the public over this incident then the greatest weapon in their armoury would be the cloak of secrecy that they throw across the issue.

However, unlike Sandy Hook, researchers of the McCann case now have access to the official police files. Sandy Hook – at least at the moment – is void of anything official for reference; instead it’s down to looking for anomalies among available photos and videos, watching for any betrayal in the faces of the speakers and relying on the media’s half cocked way of reporting. It’s this part that bothers me...

... Over the years conspiracy theorists (or Truth Seekers) have worked hard to gain some credibility, which, by and large, has been accomplished with the dedicated efforts of many in their respective areas. Truth Seekers have done well to gain respect yet now I’m seeing a downward slide once more because of those who are too quick to publish their research  when further digging would make a marked difference to the outcome of their findings. Already Emilie Parker has been mistaken for her sister Madeline and school nurse Sally Cox marked as a fraud, all because the authors have reached a conclusion they’re satisfied with rather than dissecting it to ensure they’re correct. What’s worse is that they’re offering their findings to the internet world as gospel and people are running with it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions and putting a viewpoint across, after all that’s how most brainstorming reaches useful conclusions, but some of the ‘evidence’ offered on the Sandy Hook case has been rushed in an almost competitive way to reach a final conclusion regardless of whether there is a full picture or not, it doesn’t seem to matter any more. What seems to matter is being the first to claim a viable scenario which may have little bearing on the truth. More importantly, this clambering for a conclusion, devoid of any evidence, serves only to destroy the truth movement and one can only conclude that this in fact maybe what qualifies Sandy Hook as a pysop and not Obama’s desires to take your guns? That’s simply a side issue because they never pass on an opportunity.

In short, what matters is for the truth community to get refocused, kick out any destructive elements that are undermining our efforts (plants and provocateurs) and come together again in our common cause of exposing lies and manipulation.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sandy Hook: The missing triage area

Mystery of the 'bundles' has now been solved!

Many thanks to Anonymous who left a HD helicopter video and an explanation in the comment section where he/she has kindly solved the ‘bundle’ mystery – as Anonymous has rightly pointed out, the ‘bundles’ are nothing more than white folding chairs:

Anonymous pointed out that Gene Rosen can be seen perfectly at 1:19 through to 1:35 and again at 8:15 - 8:48, while the 'shooters' car is already roped off at 4:37 - 4:44:

Screenshots taken from the above video showing the white chairs: 

The rest of this article is no longer applicable. However, I'm leaving it here as an example of how the imagination can sometimes fill in the gaps when there is lack of clear information.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Sandy Hook nurse Sally Cox is Sarah Cox

Sally Cox – school nurse – Administered hearing tests to the students

60 year-old Sally Cox had worked as a nurse for Sandy Hook Elementary School for the last 15yrs. She hid under her computer desk when the shooter walked into her office. She could see him only from his knees down when she peered through a small hole in the desk holding computer wires. After the shooter had gone Barbara Halstead, a secretary, ran into the office and hid under the desk with Sally. She pulled the phone off the desk and dialled 911. The two women then raced into a supply closet, where they remained until they were escorted out of the school by police who told them to close their eyes.

Some have suggested that Sally Cox is a fraud. They’ve typed her name into The State of Connecticut eLicencing Website, with zero results and therefore concluded that she was never a nurse at the Sandy Hook Elementary school.

However, Sally is a nickname for both Sarah and Sandra. A quick search on the internet for ‘Sandy Hook Nurse Sarah Cox’ and the mystery is solved by the New York Post 
“[Sarah] Cox, known as Sally to friends and co-workers, took no chances.” 
So the true name of Sandy Hook Elementary School nurse is Sarah Cox. Placing that name into the database does indeed bring up one record:

Name: Sarah D Cox
Credential: 10.E35858
Credential Description: Registered Nurse
Credential Status: ACTIVE
City: Newton
State: CT
Zip Code: 06470

License Type: Registered Nurse
License Number: E35858
Expiration Date: 02/28/2013
Granted Date: 05/06/1974
License Status: ACTIVE
Licensure Actions or Pending Charges: None

Sally Cox is listed as a nurse on the Sandy Hook School Directory:

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Emilie Parker still alive after Sandy Hook shooting – Not true!

I have to admit there does appear to be some contradictions and inconsistencies with the Sandy Hook shooting, but one thing I am certain of is that Emilie Parker was not photographed with Obama.

The members of Metabunk forum have outlined this fact and offered their findings with indisputable evidence. The children with Obama are Emilie’s sisters Samantha and Madeline – I hope Metabunk doesn’t mind my using their photos to illustrate:

The following photo enables us to gauge the sister’s heights. It’s plain to see that Emily is taller than her two younger siblings while Samantha and Madeleine are of similar height. Also note Madeline’s smile.

Now look at the sisters with Obama – notice the similar heights between the two girls and the distinct smile:

 Close up:

Emilie was photographed in the red dress in 2010 (age: 4) – it stands to reason that two years later Madeline will be of similar age/height. The girl with Obama is Madeline wearing her sister’s dress.