Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mr Morsal: I can’t take any more of the lies and deception.

They tell us they are fighting for freedom and human rights... Bollocks.

We're bringing democracy to oppressed people... Bollocks.

What human rights is it that allows a child to be slaughtered because he happens to have been born in the wrong part of the world? He committed no crime! Do they care? No they don’t.

They lie to us about weapons of mass destruction; they tell us there could be a mushroom cloud over London in forty five minutes... More Bollocks, but decades of television providing the only education the people get and what do you expect? They own the news... They own all the media.

The western governments supported oppressive regimes and in fact often installed them around the world, so long as it served to control those populations and allow the world’s elite to continue their exploitation of these people and to profit from their suffering.

Actually we are all guilty of these crimes – they were carried out in our name.  It does not matter that we did not call the shots... The fact that we stood by means that we all will burn for this unless we redeem ourselves some time soon.

We cannot turn away and say this was not me – we paid them taxes to fund their violence – yes they deceived us and continue still, but we know it is criminal because we were born with the ability to discern right from wrong; we did not need to read it someplace.

What we need now is to accept that we are in part to blame for what has gone wrong, take ownership of the error and make a mends by stopping those who would continue on this course of destruction, and to say to them, no more in our name!

The corruption of this world is so deeply rooted that it’s almost impossible to quantify, yet it is evident to all. It is hard to imagine that just a small group of influential individuals are responsible for nearly all the worlds’ conflicts but they are, and dare I say it, the Bible warned us long ago...  I merely make reference here in the hope you will search for your own truths.

Most people are so terrified of their own lack of knowledge regards corruption etc that they reframe from any discourse and so leave it to someone else to fathom. In fact it is the deliberate denial of information from those in control that cause the individual to shy away... Cleaver plan, No?

The education of the masses definitely lacks the depth and clarity of a proper education afforded the elite. They are provided with an understanding of the real word and the agenda of those who would control, while we must make do with indoctrination into compliance with their wishes.

Time is running out and soon the average person will have to decide on which side he will be standing... I hope that the enlightenment of the masses will result from the plight of the oppressed peoples of the world and there will be no need to think, simply a desire to act...
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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Proof that Goncalo Amaral did not use offensive language regarding the McCanns

Many thanks to Paulo Reis for the following screenshot:


"BBC Complaints
ECU Ruling: East Midlands Today, BBC1 (East Midlands), 12 January 2011

Publication date: 30 May 2011

The programme included a brief exchange between a reporter and Goncalo Amaral (a former policeman who had worked on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and had since written a book on the case). One word in the exchange was bleeped, and the report gave the impression that this was because Sr Amaral had used offensive language about the McCanns. A viewer complained that this was inaccurate and unfair to Sr Amaral.

The reporter’s belief, reinforced by others on the programme team who viewed the recording, was that Sr Amaral had indeed used an English phrase which included an offensive term applied to the McCanns. On further examination, however, it became clear that Sr Amaral had been speaking Portuguese, and that an inoffensive phrase had been misconstrued. Upheld

Further action
The Editor of the programme has discussed the outcome with the producer and reporter involved. In future, the team plans to use interpreters if clips from interviews are unclear.

While some jumped eagerly on the chance to make Mr Amaral out to be the bad guy without checking their facts, Martin Brunt (Sky News Correspondent) was the only journalist at the time with guts enough to tell the truth in his article ‘Spare a thought for my new best friend Goncalo Amaral':

Spare a thought for my new best friend Goncalo Amaral.

I’m beginning to think the former detective in the Madeleine McCann case has a point when he complains about the British media attacking him.

My Beeb colleague accused him of saying “F*** the McCanns” in an alleged off-guard moment when we all followed him out of court the other day.

What he actually said was “Fala com McCanns” which means “Ask the McCanns”.

The rest of us, through our interpreters, understood perfectly what he was saying.

I think he needs a good libel lawyer.

Isabel Duarte may be free when she has finished pursuing him over his book on the Madeleine case.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Say goodbye to America

Mr Morsals would like to share his thoughts with anyone who would care to read them:

Say goodbye to America
Sadly it will be at the hands those pretending to represent America that the nation will be led to slaughter.
Those who really control the future are rarely visible yet they and their ancestors have been responsible for all the wars this world has ever seen, for those who control the money supply, control the wars, they have sponsored rebels, they have funded armies and they have paid the blood money for many a coup.
You see they are shaping the world because they believe they are the keepers of the knowledge and therefore rightfully placed to decide the future of mankind, although they don’t actually see the general population as the same species and so have no qualms about wasting their lives and spilling their blood to accomplish even the smallest of goals, they see the populous as completely expendable, they are just  useful animals that can be exploited for whatever purpose they see fit and sadly are so easily led, indeed some members of the ruling elite in America have stated it exactly like that, yet the people still respond to the call to war so long as it is presented as a noble cause.

America, God bless her was sold on ideals, dreams that any man would aspire to, for who could not believe in the right to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" and who in their right mind would not be prepared to lay down their life to defend it...  Unfortunately the dice are loaded by those who believe in none of it.

By the creation of fictitious demons like communism and Al Qaeda, a nation brought up to believe in freedom etc has been duped into carrying out the most hideous crimes in the name of defending all that they believe in, even to the point of thinking they were saving the people they invaded, bringing such gifts as freedom and democracy, a crusade if you will, surely they must want to be like us!

At this moment in time I believe a plot is being perpetrated simultaneously on many nations around the world, a plot hatched a long time ago that required the coordination of many factors in preparation for the most fantastic deception in the history of the world.

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Last photo: Gerry McCann's missing elbow explained

The sudden appearance of photograph showing Madeleine sitting alone at the poolside gave rise to speculation that she had been superimposed onto the ‘Last photo.’

People rightly pointed out that Gerry’s elbow is far too close to Madeleine’s head for it to be a crop. However, when I took a closer look at the photo which shows Madeleine on her own I noticed that not only is the background blurred but so are the edges around Madeleine’s arm, head and body – to superimpose this blurred image onto the ‘Last photo’ and result in sharp edges around Madeleine seemed impossible...but it does make sense if Gerry and Amalie had been removed from the photo!

I’m not an expert with photographs but I hope the following gives a good enough example to explain:

The crop from ‘last photo’ released to the public via the media:

The photo which caused the speculation:

Red squares denote the cloning of one section from the right side of the wall to the left. Blue line denotes (roughly) where Gerry’s elbow would be:

How I think it may have been done

I’ve chosen a different part of the wall to clone over Gerry’s elbow and Amalie’s head:

Gerry is now completely gone:

Using the right side of the photo to clone the paving over Amalie:

Amalie is now completely gone. But there are some irregularities from the cloning...

...Now to disguise the irregularities...Background blurred to hide any obvious cloning which also results in the edges around Madeleine’s head, arm and body also becoming blurred.

And now for the final touch...altering brightness and contrast.

I believe the person who originally removed Gerry and Amalie from the photo may have used the bottom of the wall to clone the top of the wall hence the reason it looks straight in the original ‘Lone Madeleine’,  whereas I chose to continue the 'hump' in the wall.

There are some very interesting photo comparisons on Pamalam’s site: Original Last Photograph, Hair Bead, Altar; Photoshop pictures